Robotic system

The graduate is awarded the degree "bachelor of engineering and technology in the specialty 6B07109" robotic systems»

Profile subjects: physics+mathematics

Languages of learning: кazakh, russian, english

Learning paths as part of the educational program:

unmanned aerial vehicles; self-Propelled Robotic systems; Industrial robotic systems.

Sphere of Professional activity Robotic systems is a field of science and technology that includes electronics and mechatronics, microprocessor technology, military-industrial industry, transport and communications, agriculture and utilities, education and consumer services, engaged in the development and production of measurement tools, information processing and presentation, automatic and automated control systems.

Objects of professional activity
The objects of professional activity are enterprises and organizations of all industries, including military-industrial, industry, transport and communications, agriculture and utilities, medicine, education and consumer services, design organizations, firms of various forms of ownership.

Subjects of professional activity
The subjects of professional activity are physical methods and devices for the control and analysis of substances and products; mechatronic, electronic, electronic-mechanical, magnetic, electromagnetic, acoustic and acousto-optical devices and robotic systems; biotechnical RS and medical devices; element base of electronic engineering in the field of robotic systems; electronic technologies; devices of automation systems, technologies of automated production of elements, devices and systems.

Tasks of professional activity

- collection and analysis of information source data for the design of a given robotic system;

- calculation and design of parts and assemblies in accordance with the technical specification using standard design automation tools;

- development of design and working technical documentation, registration of completed design and construction works;

- control of compliance of developed projects and technical documentation with standards, technical conditions and other regulatory documents;

- conducting a preliminary feasibility study of project calculations;

- organization of workplaces, their technical equipment, placement of technological equipment;

- monitoring of compliance with technological discipline;

- maintenance of technological equipment;

- organization of metrological support of technological processes, use of standard methods of quality control of products.

Material and technical base

- Laboratory of industrial electronics 

- Information security laboratory "Inspector" 

- Laboratory of control and measuring devices and automation 

- Laboratory of microcontrollers and signal microprocessors 

- Laboratory of microprocessors and microprocessor systems

- Laboratory of microelectronics 

- Laboratory of measurement technologies 

- Laboratory of network technologies and communications

- Laboratory SRWS

Employment options:

JSC "Almatyteplokommunenergo",
AF of JSC National Center for Expertise of Measuring Instruments and Systems, instrument-making plant of the corporation "Saiman",
JSC "Electronics Almaty Kazakhstan",
Almaty Special Design Bureau of JSC "Alatau",
OJSC   "Kazakhtelecom"
LLP  "TNS-plus",
OJSC of  Scientific and Production Association "Android Technology".