On measures to reduce the rate of infection with Coronavirus infection

On measures to reduce the rate of infection with Coronavirus infection

24.07.2020 Все новости

On measures to reduce the rate of infection with Coronavirus infection

1. Removing the excitement of an ambulance. Ambulance is the only hospitalization mechanism. A digital mechanism for routing patients to hospitals has been introduced. This made it possible to reduce the workload of the ambulance.

2.Increasing the city's bed capacity. Hospitals for CVI patients will be opened on the basis of the following facilities:

Sanatorium "Kazakhstan" for 250 beds

Sanatorium "Koktem" for 376 beds

Pension "Samal" for 140 beds

Hotel "Astana" for 230 beds

Dormitory KAZATK 360 beds

Republican clinical hospital for disabled people of the Second World War 100 beds

Center for the provision of special social services for 500 beds

Maternity hospital No. 4 for 105 beds

3. Mobilization of the personnel reserve

The personnel reserve of 1,526 specialists was formed:


Nurses -1009

Hospital attendants and others-145


4. Separation of hospitals:

1 echelon-hospital for seriously ill patients

2 echelon patients with moderate severity and possible risks

3 echelon-reserve stations

One important indicator that separation is working is bed availability.

5. To reduce the level of severe patients and reduce mortality, the center of resuscitation and anesthesiology is actively working.

A mobile group of highly qualified doctors monitors the condition of all patients in intensive care units

6. Oxygen supply.

Within 40 days, 100% of the first echelon beds will be equipped with oxygen.

Further, the second echelon hospitals will be equipped with 100% oxygen.

7 solving the problem of drug shortages

Akimat has allocated 5 billion tenge for interest-free financing of wholesale purchases of antikidny drugs.

Another 5 billion tenge was allocated for the formation of a reserve fund to provide covid hospitals with drugs.

8. Testing of citizens.

In addition to the city, laboratories also serve the Almaty region.

In order to relieve the city laboratories, it was decided to establish sampling points for polymerase chain reaction testing in three districts.

The testing will be carried out by private companies with a capacity of 1500-2000 tests per day.