Institute of Communications and Aerospace Engineering

Today the Institute of communication and space engineering (ICSE) is a modern scientific and educational complex. It provides a wide range of services not only in Kazakhstan, but also abroad. The Institute of communication and space engineering provides targeted training of specialists in the field of aerospace engineering, robotics, instrumentation, electronics, and telecommunications, meeting the needs of domestic and world markets of intellectual labor for the basic enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The newest material and technical base, qualified personnel, strong contacts with leading companies of Kazakhstan are the main basis for career growth of our graduates, who work all over the world.

Director of the Institute
Alipbayev Kuanysh Aringozhayevich


The Institute employs a team of scientists recognized not only in our Republic, but also abroad. The high level of specialists training is confirmed by the results of participation of students, undergraduates, and doctoral students of ICSE in interuniversity, regional and international competitions, Olympiads, contests, and conferences.

Our students practice at the leading enterprises of RK, our partners are large well-known companies - Aerospace Committee of the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of RK; “Institute of Space Engineering and Technology” SLPP; JSC “National Center for Space Research and Technology”; “Ghalam” LLP; “Astrophysical Institute named V.G.Fesenkov” LLP; NC “Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary”; JSC “Republican Center for Space Communication”; “Saiman Corporation” LLP; “EduAutomation” LLP; JSC “LG Electronics Almaty Kazakhstan”; “Almaty Teplokomenergo” LLP; RSE “Scientific Research Center “Gharysh-Ecology”; “Mobile Telecom-Service” LLP; JSC “Transtelecom”; “Zhaiyk Hyundai Motors” LLP; NP JSC “AUPET named after G.Daukeyev” scientific-research center “Space”; JSC “Kazakhtelecom”; “Eurasian Motor Almaty” LLP.

Classes are conducted in modern laboratories:

Department of Telecommunication Engineering:

Laboratory “Object-oriented programming and mobile technologies”; Laboratory “Info-communication technologies”; Laboratory “Radio assembler”; Laboratory “Virtualization and cloud technologies”; Laboratory “Cloud IoT platforms”; Laboratory “Fundamentals of info-communication networks and systems”; Laboratory “Modeling of telecommunication networks and processes”; Laboratory “High-speed optical communication systems”; Laboratory “Space and terrestrial radio communication system”; Laboratory “Antenna-feeder devices and radio wave propagation”.

Department of Electronic Engineering:

Laboratory of Industrial Electronics; Laboratory of Instrumentation and Automation; Laboratory of Programmable Logic Controllers and SCADA-systems; Laboratory of Microelectronics; Laboratory of Measurement Technologies; Laboratory of Microcontrollers and Signal Microprocessors; Laboratory of Network Technologies and Communication; Laboratory of NIRS; Laboratory of Mechatronics and Robotics.

Department of Space Engineering:

Laboratory of Computer and 3D Modeling; Laboratory of Orientation and Navigation Aids; Research Center “SpaCE - Space, Communication and Engineering”

The Institute of Communication and space engineering trains to respect tradition and develop innovation.

Institute announces admission and training in educational programs:

Telecommunications Engineering Instrumentation Space Engineering and Technology Robotic system Space engineering System Engineering Electronics engineering technology

Training of specialists is carried out on the basis of the following departments:

Department of Telecommunication Engineering Department of Electronic Engineering Department of Aerospace Engineering


The Institute cooperates with leading foreign scientific centers, such as Riga Technical University (Latvia); Anhalt University (Germany); Pristina University (Serbia); Tashkent University of Information Technologies named after Muhammad al-Khorazmiy (Uzbekistan); University of Florence (Italy); Cassino University (Italy); Lublin Technical University (Poland); Poznan Technical University (Poland); National University of Tenaga (Malaysia); Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain); Izhevsk State University of Technology (Spain).

We are waiting for you at the Institute of Communication and Space Engineering to build a successful future!

Contact information

Phone: 323 11 75,

ext. no.: 4002